Mission Statement

La Estancia School’s library-Media Center mission is to empower students through informational literacy programs and serve as a learning hub where students and staff will have equitable access to library resources, books, information technology, reading areas, support and assistance.


A library staff working in partnership with the academic community in a creative, open environment, where the focus is on meeting informational needs of the L.E.S. students. The Library will continue to provide information, education, and services in response to the school’s teaching, research, and outreach programs. Electronic and other non-print formats will be available continually to complement the collection of books, periodicals, and other print formats. Library services and resources available at L.E.S. Library Media Center will shift from one based on resident collections to one based on access to more diverse and greatly expanded world of electronic information. Given the vast amount of information available in electronic formats, individual libraries will no longer be self-sufficient, this will raise the need to increase resource sharing among institutions through alliances of electronic networks and databases, which in turn will further broaden the resource database of our institution.


Our student will be supported through direct library instruction or through information available on this website.


The idea of a reference book is that you skim the contents and make relevant notes on the part you need and leave it available at the library for other patrons.
Our print library Fiction Collection Books are usually purchased in paperback editions. Topics include, but are not limited to popular fiction, hobbies and crafts, science fiction, mysteries, graphic novels and sports.
L.E.S. Library maintains a general selection of popular magazines. Magazines contain the latest research in their specific fields. These are often peer-reviewed, meaning that they have been reviewed for accuracy and credibility by a panel of experts in that field. The library retains issues from the previous years as well. Magazines are not to be checked out to patrons; the collection is available for reading enjoyment and research inside the library.

Our Philosophy

The school’s library philosophy is based on a productivity theory "the theory of the obvious": Imitate, match and exceed. It’s said to be the shortest route to excellence. It relies on developing not from scratch, but rather it stems from where others have succeeded and tested and moves on from there. The success of this library’s program will not be the success of an individual, but of a team with a philosophy, that should always be present, as part of an evolutionary cycle.

We will follow Ranganathan’s Five Laws of Library Science:

First Law: Books are for use.
Second Law: Every person his or her book.
Third Law: Every book its reader.
Fourth Law: Save the time of the reader.
Fifth Law: A library is a growing organism.